You’ve heard about “Umbrella Insurance Coverage”…but what does it mean?

man with umbrella against art wall, umbrella insurance

What is Umbrella Insurance Coverage?

Umbrella Insurance Coverage is something you might have heard about. The thing is, not everyone is sure what it actually is, or how it is beneficial to you. So we decided to answer the question: What is umbrella insurance coverage?

Umbrella insurance is personal liability insurance. It is used when you are liable for a claim larger than what your homeowners insurance or car insurance policy will cover. Umbrella insurance coverage also covers other liabilities such as libel and slander.

Where can Umbrella Insurance Coverage be used?

Time for some examples!

  • Your child has a fight with a neighborhood kid. Then, the neighbors kid parents sue you for medical bills.
  • You cause a multi-car pileup. Consequently, your car insurance property damage isn’t high enough to cover the damage.
  • Your dog runs out into the road and causes a car accident. As a result, driver sues you to cover medical bills and loss of income.

One thing to keep in mind: this type of insurance covers not just you (the policyholder) but other members of your family or household too.

Do I actually need it?

So now that you have the basics down, the next question is: do I need it?

Many insurance companies will push you to have it. They might be coming from a fear-based sales approach. At R&G Insurance, we understand that every situation is different. Talking to one of our experienced agents will be the best way to determine if you genuinely need umbrella insurance coverage or not. Our agents will give you a fair and honest assessment without the pressure-based sales other companies are known for!

How much does it cost?

Umbrella insurance coverage can be much more affordable than most people realize. Speaking to an agent is one important way to understand the costs and risk factors, helping you make the best decision for yourself and sleep better at night.

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