Happy Holidays! (And Some Holiday Insurance Facts)

Christmas Facts - R&G Insurance Maryland

From all of us here at R&G Insurance, we wish you a very happy holiday season! We hope you are taking the time to unwind and relax while creating new memories with family, even if you are doing it from a distance this year.

Gift Advice

While we always look forward to the holiday season, we want to share a few points with you regarding any gifts you may be giving or receiving!

Are you following the lead of many car commercials, and giving the gift of a car? We recommend making sure that car is added to your car insurance coverage.

While you are doing that, it is the perfect time to shop around for new car insurance to make sure that you are getting the best deal!

If you receive any fine jewelry, that should be discussed with your insurance provider to make sure that it is properly covered. That is whether it is under your home insurance, renters insurance, or umbrella insurance. Depending on the item, expanding your home insurance coverage or insuring that item independently might be necessary.

Holiday Insurance Facts

Now for a few fun holiday related insurance facts!

  • Lloyds of London was the first company to insure Santa Claus, providing him with insurance for personal accidents. According to Lloyds, “The personal accident policy covers Mr. Claus until the 25th of December in the event of accident and illness, in the run up to, and during his worldwide travels to deliver presents to good children.”
  • Insurance Claims due to fireplace-related fires double during the holiday season. Most standard home insurance policies cover this type of incident.
  • Claims due to electrical fires jump 22% this time of year, mainly associated with holiday lights!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

We hope you enjoyed some of these holiday insurance facts, and that they inspire you to just be a little bit more careful when installing enough Christmas lights to be seen from space.
Happy Holidays from the entire R&G Insurance Team!

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