Common Business Insurance Claims

business insurance claim

Did you know that there is a 40% chance of a business making a business insurance claim over the next 10 years?

This takes many business owners by surprise, because they think business insurance claims are caused by an “extraordinary event”. But, this isn’t always the case.

To start with, it is crucial to make sure that your business insurance is up to date and provides adequate coverage. If you speak to one of our insurance agents today, they will be able to give you an honest, no pressure-sales evaluation of your current coverage. In most cases, our agents are able to help you get some savings!

Now that we have that little pitch out the way…back to this week’s topic of what are the most common business insurance claims.

  1. Theft
  2. Water damage
  3. Wind and hail damage
  4. Fire
  5. Customer slip and fall
  6. Customer injury
  7. Product liability
  8. Struck by an object
  9. Reputational harm
  10. Vehicle accident

Of course, every industry is different and exposed to different risks. However, all businesses are exposed to risk. Being a business owner is hard enough without the added pressure of “what if” scenarios.

Did this list surprise you? Let us know!

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